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About Cedar Décor

Cedar Décor is a company providing comprehensive services in design, construction and high-class interior decoration, founded by a young, professional executive team with extensive experience in international standard environments.

We always accompany customers with the mission to breathe life into the space of buildings and interiors with luxury but no less modern and smart.

Each work created by the Cedar Décor team is a piece of art, logically arranged and telling the story of the owner of the designed space.


Always research and update artistic and architectural movements to most creatively express contemporary lifestyles and offer the most appropriate approach to each client

Always focus on improving space, enhancing customer experience by establishing a consistent identity in every detail of the products

Define the difference in capacity by receiving and applying working culture and international standards from leading domestic and foreign design and construction companies for the entire process from consulting, designing and construction

Always pursue the balance in art and functionality, quality and cost and above all, balance the benefits between the customers and Cedar Décor